How We Win

SDP's success starts with our organization’s values, shaping how we achieve our mission. SDP is focused, nonpartisan, and knowledgeable.


SDP is solely focused on our pets: dogs and cats. More than 60% of Kansas households have a pet and that number is growing fast.


SDP’s mission is achieved by working with policymakers of all political parties.


SDP’s team of seasoned lobbyists, general counsel, and allies rely extensively on evidence based data to  identify issues and  create policy solutions grounded  in best practices through policy. Our pet animal expertise is used to equip policymakers with the knowledge needed to make good legislation.

SDP's values guide our mission of elevating standards of pet animal welfare in Kansas through advocacy, legislation, and humane candidates.


Encouraging state governments to enforce existing laws that do not need strengthening. 


Supporting legislation that helps pet animals and opposing legislation that would harm pet animals.

Humane Candidates

Contributing to state lawmakers committed to advancing pet animal welfare and protection.

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Stray Dog Policy is committed to protecting pet animals in Kansas. Learn more about our current initiatives and how you can help!

Use your voice to save lives!

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