How We Win

The Midwest is referred to as the “heartland” of the United States, but is often without commitment toward the compassionate protection and care of animals.

Stray Dog Policy is dedicated to protecting animals from unnecessary harm and suffering in the Midwest, and guaranteeing that protection through the political process of lobbying, legislation, and supporting humane candidates to office.

Our success starts with our organization’s values – shaping how we achieve impact. Together, we are:


We focus our strategic approach, talent, and funds toward achieving the highest impact for protecting animals. We adapt when change is needed to be most effective in our mission. 


Our organization is involved with state-level politics in the Midwest, but our only affiliation is with animals in need. We do not favor any particular political group and we collaborate with people across the aisle who share our interest in protecting animals. 


Our mission cannot be achieved alone. We share our expertise, our data, and our compassion with communities everywhere. We inspire to educate our allies and aspiring allies, empower them to be involved, and act on behalf of animals in need.

Building on our values are our strategic pillars – helping outline our path toward victory.

Create a cultural change in the Midwest to better animal protection and welfare. 

Focus on achievable goals that have the highest impact for animals. 

Adapt when change is needed to be most effective in our mission. 

Build trust and respect with state governments.

Educate Midwest state legislatures, governing agencies, and political leadership on our mission, its importance, and the critical need for animal protection to be an important issue. 

Develop them to be our issue champions – meaning they are educated, supportive, and empowered to take action on behalf of animals. 

Ground our strategic approach in being evidence driven.

Invest in studies, polling, and systematic data to help shape our insight, strategic approach, and reputation in the Midwest as issue experts.  

Share our data with our allies and others that are interested in our mission to increase our collective impact for animals and support the effectiveness of our movement. 

We create a strategic outline toward success through identifying and understanding the animal issues plaguing the Midwest.

In the Midwest, we look at the issue of…

Strong or Poor Legislation

The Midwest is often a patchwork of strong or poor legislation regarding animal protection and welfare, and the enforcement of the law can be mixed. Certain states have outdated or no legislation to regulate animal protection and welfare for the better. Other states have strong legislation, but its enforcement of the law is poor or not a priority. 

Enforcement of Animal Law

Animal laws are only impactful if they’re being enforced by a governing agency, regulatory agency, and more. Agencies responsible for enforcing animal related legislation vary across the Midwest. 

Attitude Toward Animal Protection

Too often, animal protection and welfare is not a priority issue in the Midwest. 

So, how do we address these issues to help animals in need?


We lobby state legislatures and political leadership to guarantee that animals have a voice, and educate them on our mission, its importance, and the critical need for animal protection to be an important issue. 


We support good legislation and good policy that will help animals, and we stop or “kill” bad legislation that will negatively impact their protection and welfare.

Humane Elections

We help to elect humane candidates to office during statewide elections. We do not favor any particular political group, but instead, contribute to candidates that vote to help animals.

Current Campaigns

End Puppy Mills

End Puppy Mills

The Midwest is commonly referred to as the "Puppy Mill Belt.” Missouri and Iowa are the worst offenders when it comes to the volume of puppy mills in operation, but Kansas isn’t far behind.

We are working towards better enforcement of pet breeders, stronger definitions of animal cruelty, and ending the puppy mill to pet store pipeline. 

End Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL)

BSL is based on misinformation, is difficult to enforce, wastes taxpayer funds, and helps perpetuate an unnecessary homeless pet population.

Our communities deserve the right to pick the dog they want for their family, without having to worry about laws stereotyping dog breeds. 

End Greyhound Racing

In forty-one U.S states, commercial dog racing is illegal. In five states, including Kansas, all dog tracks have closed and ceased live racing, but a prohibitory statue has yet to be enacted. Only four states have legal and operational pari-mutuel dog racing, but many are closing due to financial loss.

It's time the laws in the Midwest protect these docile animals.

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