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Stray Dog Policy is a nonpartisan organization committed to bettering the standards of pet animal welfare in the Midwest by supporting laws, regulations, policies, and legislation that advances pet protection and opposing legislation that would result in pet animal neglect and suffering.

Stray Dog Policy’s impact is focused around:

Puppy Mills

Breed-Specific Legislation

Greyhound Racing

Pet Cruelty and Neglect

Success to Date

Defeated the reinstatement of greyhound racing in Kansas.

Provided guidance to the Kansas Department of Agriculture to allow for the adoption of FIV+ cats in the state.

Supported the Kids and Pets Left in Hot Cars bill, now law, in Kansas.

Ensured unannounced facility inspections, and no-show and failed inspection fees for commercial pet animal operations in Kansas.

Ensured less burdensome inspection fees for Kansas animal shelters and rescues.

Strengthened the law to help local governments and law enforcement recover the cost of animal care in cruelty cases in Kansas.

Supported amending the law to prohibit animals from being returned to or remaining with a person found guilty of animal cruelty in Kansas.

In Missouri, defeated dozens of disastrous pet animal-related legislation.

In Iowa, supported bill House File 737 to enact felony charges for animal torture for domestic dogs and cats.

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