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Our Mission

Stray Dog Policy (SDP) is a nonpartisan organization committed to bettering the protection and welfare of animals in the Midwest through lobbying, legislation, and supporting humane candidates to office.

Our History

Stray Dog Policy was founded in 2016 as the Humane Society Legislative Fund of Kansas, an affiliate of the Humane Society Legislative Fund. Our organization began with a small group of determined individuals, committed to providing a voice to pet animals in need.

Since then, our organization has expanded to the Midwest region to build upon our legislative success in Kansas to lobby and campaign for better animal protection. 

We’ve been successful in large part to the support of the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) and the Humane Society of the United States State Directors, who shared their vision, support, and expertise.

We are thrilled to re-introduce ourselves to you as Stray Dog Policy. Stray Dog Policy reflects the reason that we exist and our vision to protect animals from unnecessary harm and suffering through the political process in the Midwest, bettering their protection at the state level with state legislators. We are excited to continue our relationship with HSLF as collaborative partners.

Stray Dog Policy is now a proud piece of the Stray Dog umbrella, including Stray Dog Capital and Stray Dog Institute. Stray Dog is a home for wide-ranging, animal-driven initiatives that began with two generous and kind-hearted individuals. The Stray Dog umbrella embodies their love for all animals and their mission to provide a voice to every “stray dog” or animal in need.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Stray Dog Policy is dedicated to a humane world where all animals are protected, by law, from unnecessary harm and suffering. Our mission is only accomplished through the efforts of people. We are dedicated to working toward the equitable empowerment of all people; standing against systematic discrimination, police brutality leveled at the Black community and others, racism, and intolerance. Racism and intolerance have no place in the humane and compassionate world we are creating.

SDP is committed to listening, to learning, and expanding our initiatives to support greater diversity, equality, and inclusion to support a more humane world for all.


SDP is a registered 501(c)4 nonprofit, dependent on donations to continue our work. We do not solicit funding from government agencies or corporations. Our funding comes from individuals like you who consciously value animals and invest in a more compassionate future.

Due to the political nature of our mission, donations are not tax-deductible, but are critical to allow us to lobby on behalf of animals in need. 

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